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2011 May - June



sun bather-frizzy dog
Another 1st day of summer.
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moon power
Last night, with the exception of the U.S., much of the world witnessed the full moon slowly pass into the earth's shadow, and darkness for a 100 minute total eclipse.
In the California high desert, instead of passing through the earth's shadow, a brilliant full moon gradually passed behind a high voltage power line tower.
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car crash

For a short time I was away from my computer-electronic dark room-office. When I returned, out the window, beyond my computer monitor a car had rear ended a parked suv.

Both sliding to a stop directly in front of where I usually sit. Peering out the window, bystanders were gathered, paramedics, and police were there. All I could do was watch. Feeling like an looky loo, peeking through slats of window blinds.

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mardi gras man

Mardi Gras, New Orleans, LA. High noon, standing on a street corner in the French Quarter, waiting for the light to change. I said to the guy with gold painted, sequined face standing next to me, 'close your eyes, and hold your face to the sun.' Click.


mardi gras woman

Still in the French Quarter, sitting on a bar stool. I said to her, 'just look at me.' Snap.

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After spending 3 half days photographing at the T.H.E. Clinic I was not totally certain I had an elegant story telling cover photo.

Almost over staying my time there writer Anita Bennett, and I noticed this father, and baby at the same time in the clinic waiting room. It was a perfect sighting. An inside full bleed photo of father, and baby, and a charming cover. Father's black tee shirt was the perfect background to highlight the babies face. After a day and a half, cover was photographed in about 5 minutes.

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Homage to a tree.
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A quiet moment in Hollywood, CA, in the middle of reputed, famous Hollywood and Vine. 23 March 2003, the day I met the Master of War.


master of war

I met the Master of War at a peace demonstration shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He said he was a retired teacher, and when ever he heard of an anti war rally he would put on his Master of War attire, and show up.

In his briefcase he had copies of the lyrics of Bob Dylan's song Masters of War. Without speaking he would pass them out. As most-Masters of War-he remained masked, but I asked him to call the next time he attended an anti war demonstration.

With an hours notice, I met him at a pro Iraq war rally at a local Southern California Community College. He arrived as efficiently as a war executive. Walked across the parking lot onto the campus. Without hoopla, he engaged students in conversation of how the country was mislead into war, and the atrocities to follow. Within 90 minutes he was back in his car driving away.

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