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harvest moon cake 2012
A harvest moon cake for you. 30 September @ 7:27 PM.
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harvest moon 2012
The Harvest Moon as seen over barbed wire from the high desert foothills above Apple Valley, CA.
29 September @ 7:34 PM.
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Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
Walt Disney Concert Hall / A Rare Washing
The shiny, slippery slopes of the Walt Disney Concert Hall was washed this morning. In preparation for tomorrow evenings opening of the Los Angeles Philharmonic concert season. A special outdoor gala.

I never thought of the architectural beauty to be occasionally lightly scrubbed clean until I happened to walk by this morning.

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Space shuttle Endeavour final flight over Los Angeles & Griffith Observatory.
The last flight of the space shuttle Endeavour. Soon the shuttles home will permanently be at the California Science Center in Exposition Park, Los Angeles.


Space shuttle Endeavour over Los Angeles.
To see Endeavour flying with birds - CLICK HERE
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warehouse workers protest
The final day of a 50 mile, 6 day warehouse workers protest trek. The lead group of about 50 workers cross the Los Angeles 1st Street bridge to join a rally of supporters on the steps of city hall. They are protesting low pay, and hazardous working conditions in Southern California warehouses that serve major retailers. Including Wal-mart the worlds largest retail chain. The protest march was referred to as WalMarch.

To see 12 more photos - CLICK HERE
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romney vs obama obama vs romney
2 minute 2 second sound-slide video of 2012 presidential acceptance speeches of President Barack Obama & Republican candidate Mitt Romney - CLICK HERE

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flag wave

stars and stripes
Flag waving at Democratic Convention during President Obama's acceptance speech.
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cell phone three

cell phone doll two
3 September 2012. It's not quite Autumn.
To see 2012 Spring cell phone doll : CLICK HERE
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