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2012 April - May
pershing square
Underground car park. Pershing Square, Los Angeles, CA.
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After about a year of getting this photography blog up and running, I finally have - comments - activated. Photography is an on going learning, discovery process. If you happen to find your way here your comments are welcome.
post : 28 May 2012

bird of paradis

desert bird of paradise
20 May @ 6:48pm : Desert Bird of Paradise and ethereal light of partial solar eclipse. High Desert, Apple Valley, CA. The eclipse peaked at 6:38pm with the moon obscuring 86% of the sun.
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hollywood sign sculpture 2
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hollywood sign sculpture 1

How much more attention can the somewhat famous, somewhat kitsch Hollywood Sign receive?
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may day
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Dark Desert Light

3:38 minute QuickTime audio-slide show. (Should load in about 60 seconds)
Audio created using bits and pieces of GarageBand samples.

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