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2012 February


el rey theatre
So much of photography has to do with being at the right place at the right time, realizing it, and then having the prowess to capture that fleeting life-light moment.

Or as I often do make a wild technical guess and simply go for it ...
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Remember when cigarette's were advertised as glamorous and tasty vs the American Cancer Society's poster of an unglamourous, tasteless smoker? Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA. c.1980
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iran peace
Saturday February 4 was a National Day of Action to demand "No War on Iran, No Sanctions, No Interventions, No Assassinations." According to local organization Answer LA "over 400 people" gathered In Los Angeles above the Wilshire & Western metro station. Some curbside with signs and banners, while most in an open area stood, or paced in a circle chanting their plea in unison.
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mp3 audio / Chicago Chain Gang
2 minute (QuickTime)
galyn görg 1

galyn görg 2
2 faces of actress Galyn Görg. 7th St. metro station platform, Los Angeles.
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Los Angeles Union Station
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