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aztec and poodle
aztec and poodle
Aztec and poodle at the Blessing Of The Animals, Olvera Street, Los Angeles the day before Easter Sunday.
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you scared my dog
Another Smith's sketchbook #4
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sunbather dog

sunbather & dog
Oblivious sunbather's dog sniffing at my shoes.

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libros schmibros

libros schmibros
I recently photographed, for the Durfee Foundation, at Libros Schmibros Lending Library & Bookshop in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. Writer, book critic, and founder David Kipen is a Durfee Springboard grant recipient.
On a sunny, mellow Wednesday afternoon Kipen listened as musician and regular book reader Dennis Uyat played the cello. The hanging shopfront banner's message shines in the afternoon light.

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i like your hair

i like your hair
From Another Smith's sketchbook.
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child she cried

she cried
As a child she cried when told by an 'old wrinkled woman, some day you will be just like me.'

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yes we can



Politically I don't always agree with my friend, observer of life, artist, - Another Smith. - However Smith's point of view is thoughtful, ironic, and fun to look at. Maybe more to come ...

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