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lexi 2

Her name is Lexi, a spokesmodel for Celebrity Cruises at the Los Angeles Times travel show. She coyly looks directly at you as she speaks. The only thing she was not really there. She's a life size double sided projection onto a 1/2 inch thick screen. She smiles, blinks from time to time, and speaks in an alluring way of complimentary drinks, gourmet food, and the wonderful time to be had onboard a Celebrity Cruises ship. The most charming hostess at the travel show, until -poof- she's unplugged.

lexi 2

lexi (reverse projected side)
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circus liquor clown
Hovering above passing motorists a laughing neon clown beckons with the lure of liquor and wine. Amusing, the clown is a long time North Hollywood landmark at the corner of Vineland Ave. and Burbank Blvd. Although a tough neighborhood for a late night run for booze.

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idle hour
Idle Hour Cafe
A Historic-Cultural Monument restoration in progress. In Los Angeles the last remaining example of barrel shaped architecture is on Vineland Ave. North Hollywood. Built in 1941 as the Idlle Hour Cafe. Sold and renamed in the 1960's as Rudy's Keg the big barrel became La Cana, a Flamenco dinner club in 1971. Closed and deteriorating since 1984, the reborn barrel shaped building will again be the Idle Hour when reopened.
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downtown los angeles
downtown los angeles skyline
My first photo of 2014, New Years @ 9:17 am. An overcast view of Downtown Los Angeles skyline from the Griffith Park Upper Beacon Trail, as seen through the burned tree remnants of the devastating 2007 wild fire.

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