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car show 1

1941 Tatra T87 and resting dog
Franklin Canyon Park high in the hills of Beverly Hills was the venue for a low key, unpretentious, cool classic car show last Sunday.

A classic car and history I was not aware of was the aerodynamic 1941 Tatra T87. It was designed in Czechoslovakia and built during World War Two under German occupation. Known for high speed and luxury. A favorite of Hitler, many were appropiated by high ranking Nazi officers. The car became known to invading allies as their "secret weapon." it is said that because of their speed of up to 100 mph and unique handling numerous officers lost control and were killed in cornering.

Paul Greenstein restored and owns the car. Highway Earth was the car show name.

car show 2

1941 Tatra T87
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daisy survivor

daisy survivor
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fairfax wll day

street art day

fairfax wll night

street art night
Fairfax district, Los Angeles.
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straw hat lost
straw hat lost
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brewery art complex

The Brewery
The Brewery Art Complex in Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights neighborhood was originally in 1903 an Edison Electric Steam Power Plant. Years later the Papst Blue Ribbon and Eastside Beer brewery. Since the mid 80's a complex of live-in-lofts, studios, gallery's, and businesses in 21 old warehouse buildings. Hmm I don't know about the fading Paradox Iron painted on the side of the main smoke stack building. A paradox?
brewery poppies
Poppies growing on the edge of The Brewery visitor parking. Above, out of sight, cars on the 5 freeway whiz by.
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avon bar soap
Along with ocean smoothed rocks, stones, and pebbles, half a bar of Avon soap washed ashore by powerful breaking waves at Southern California's famous surfing spot - Trestles. -

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hollywood sign unglamorous

hollywood sign unglamorous
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