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my hand



tree wind

Straggly tree flutters.
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susan burton book

Happy to have taken the cover portrait for Susan Burton's recently published book - BECOMING MS. BURTON. - She is the founder of A New Way Of Life that assists formerly incarcerated women in getting a fresh start putting their lives together.
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black building 5

black building 5

black building 4

black building 4
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black building 3

black building 3
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black building 2

black building 2
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rainbow dead limb


day moon
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untitled red

red untitled
aerial view
aerial yellow
Aerial Yellow (Abstract) and Red Untitled (Fine Art) were Nominee's in the 10th Annual International Color Awards. The notification email read, "6,178 entries were received from 75 countries and your work received a high percentage of votes overall. Certainly an achievement, well done!"
But not even a dinner for two at a restaurant of my choice. :-)

colors awards 10th

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