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Who me?

Writing, and showing my work on a blog! No way I had thought, but here I am wondering how to begin. I suppose I can go back through that hazy mist in my mind to my photography beginning.

I remember at about 10, in my backyard making a rudimentary tripod using a large wooden crate, and large 1/2 pounded nails enclosing my families Kodak camera, propped, and tilted to the sky.

Sleeping outside during the summer. Taking time exposure photos of the stars, eclipses of the moon, meteorites streaking across the sky. I thought I wanted to be an astronomer. That ambition waned by junior high school, when I became as goofy as so many boy's were, and still are at that age.

Skipping ahead to my early 20's there was the influence of defunct Swiss magazine Camera that opened my eyes to photography again. I bought a Pentax Spotmatic camera, and through self taught trial, and error it is suddenly 2011-12.

I think I'll put photos here, and maybe rambling thoughts that come to mind. Eclectic. Serendipitous. Old images, new images, and in-between.


shadow tree

From my original Pentax Spotmatic, to Leica M3's, Hassleblad C, toy Diana, and more Nikon's than I can count, In 2011 March, I took this photograph with my iPhone. I was amazed, because I almost never take cell phone photo's.

Shadow-tree was selected to be in the book, The Pints & Pixels Competition: Cell Phone Edition 1, published by the American Society of Media Photographers Los Angeles (ASMPLA). Proceeds going to Lucie Foundation Snapshot Workshops. A photography program for at-risk youth.

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