I'm a freelance editorial, documentary photographer based in the Los Angeles area.
I have photographed on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, camp for blind kids in Malibu, CA, artists in China.
Many other people, situations, and locations for companies, non profit foundations, publications, and myself.
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Los Angeles May Day 2013
Stop War in
Afghanistan Protest

Los Angeles Chinatown
Wallmart Protest

Los Angeles May Day 2012
No GMO Monsanto Protest
No War On Iran Rally
Stop The Violence Rally
Health Care Insurance Protest
Global Day of Action

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Robert Pacheco

photo notes


my hand


lunar 1

total lunar eclipse - aka "blood moon"

The total lunar eclipse, "blood moon," seen from the high desert foothills between Apple Valley, and Lucerne, CA. The full moon was super brilliant. When the earth's shadow began darkening the edge of the moon, several dogs began barking. An eerie howling chorus of coyotes joined in. As moon light slowly grew darker, in unison, the barking and howling gave way to sudden, absolute quiet.

To see larger and another photo : CLICK HERE

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black stump

six months after the yosemite national park "rim fire"
lupine car
lupine on california highway 49
Last week I drove the switchback curves of winding historic CA. Highway 49 to the north entrance of Yosemite Park. Rain showers traded with sunlight off and on. At roadside lupine and poppy's
were at their fresh colorful best.

In 2013, mid- August through mid- October on the edge of Yosemite Park raged the devestating 257,000 acre Rim Fire.

I had read that from the ashes of wild fire, wild flowers flourish. When I received an email from a local there that the time for ashes to flowers was right. Off I went.

To see more photos of that road trip : CLICK HERE

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glendale skyline
9 March @ 8:30am : The first morning of daylight savings time -
Glendale, CA skyline, the Verdugos and San Gabriel mountains seen
from Los Angeles, Griffith Park northern Mt. Hollywood trail.
For a larger view : CLICK HERE

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flag & crosses - international women's day los angeles

missing women

missing girls and women - international women's day los angeles
ayúdanos a encontrarlas - help us find them
8 March - International Women's Day was observed in Los Angeles's McArthur Park with music, dancing, art, poetry, speakers. The global theme was "Equality for women is progress for all." A few women wore "sandwich board" signs with photos and descriptions of missing girls and women. "Veterans for Peace" had a memorial of crosses for teenagers that were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Speakers said to 'Stop sending our children off to die. As women, invest in caring not killing.'

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While the east coast of the U.S. experiences all time record breaking snow fall and sub freezing temperatures, the west coast, Southern California, is summer time hot, with an all time record breaking serious lack of rain and impending water shortage.

Two bask under the mid-day sun in North Hollywood park.

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la parilla

tradional mexican strolling musician
Strolling musician Rafael Rubion sings popular folk song "La Paloma" in La Parrilla restaurant, Los Angeles, Sunday morning before Valentine's Day. Bright red cutouts of hearts and cupids for lovers dangled above his head. Shyly in broken English he proudly said he's been playing the guitar and singing for 45 years.

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lexi 2

Her name is Lexi, a spokesmodel for Celebrity Cruises at the Los Angeles Times travel show. She coyly looks directly at you as she speaks. The only thing she was not really there. She's a life size double sided projection onto a 1/2 inch thick screen. She smiles, blinks from time to time, and speaks in an alluring way of complimentary drinks, gourmet food, and the wonderful time to be had onboard a Celebrity Cruises ship. The most charming hostess at the travel show, until -poof- she's unplugged.

lexi 2

lexi (reverse projected side)
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circus liquor clown
Hovering above passing motorists a laughing neon clown beckons with the lure of liquor and wine. Amusing, the clown is a long time North Hollywood landmark at the corner of Vineland Ave. and Burbank Blvd. Although a tough neighborhood for a late night run for booze.

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idle hour
Idle Hour Cafe
A Historic-Cultural Monument restoration in progress. In Los Angeles the last remaining example of barrel shaped architecture is on Vineland Ave. North Hollywood. Built in 1941 as the Idlle Hour Cafe. Sold and renamed in the 1960's as Rudy's Keg the big barrel became La Cana, a Flamenco dinner club in 1971. Closed and deteriorating since 1984, the reborn barrel shaped building will again be the Idle Hour when reopened.
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downtown los angeles
downtown los angeles skyline
My first photo of 2014, New Years @ 9:17 am. An overcast view of Downtown Los Angeles skyline from the Griffith Park Upper Beacon Trail, as seen through the burned tree remnants of the devastating 2007 wild fire.

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susan burton

susan burton
Susan Burton is founder of A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project, that consists of six homes and assistance programs for women recently released from prison. This portrait was included in journalist Bill Moyers PBS television broadcast, Moyers & Company, The entire show was titled Incarceration Nation. 20 December, 2013.

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scott ave.
scott ave. echo park - los angeles
Wise words written on the underside of an old abandoned box spring. Note the spray can on the ground. Kitty corner is a Spanish style duplex from the "past," taken "care" of and freshly painted with "present good."

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ferris wheel
ferris wheel
Ferris Wheel and three kids in Scrambler ride. Santa Monica pier.

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two tomatos
two tomatos
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desert harvest moon 2013
A harvest moon cake for you ...

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rusty nails screws
rusty nails, screws & broken glass
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sunset whirlygig

sunset whirligig

sunset bird paradise

sunset desert bird of paradise
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hat homage
My father's hat.

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desert chair

desert chair

desert bike

desert bike

desert sofa

desert sofa
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may day 2013 demonstration, los angeles
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May Day 2013. A few thousand marched down Broadway.The 99% were represented by Immigrant workers rights and amnesty groups, labor unions, families, flag wavers, and a Occupy Los Angeles contingent.

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two girls

poloroid transfer
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smith water

self portrait 1
smith flowers
self portrait 2
Artist, Another Smith.

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aztec and poodle
aztec and poodle
Aztec and poodle at the Blessing Of The Animals, Olvera Street, Los Angeles the day before Easter Sunday.
3 more photo's - CLICK HERE
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you scared my dog
Another Smith's sketchbook #4
More Another Smith point of view - CLICK HERE

sunbather dog

sunbather & dog
Oblivious sunbather's dog sniffing at my shoes.

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libros schmibros

libros schmibros
I recently photographed, for the Durfee Foundation, at Libros Schmibros Lending Library & Bookshop in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. Writer, book critic, and founder David Kipen is a Durfee Springboard grant recipient.
On a sunny, mellow Wednesday afternoon Kipen listened as musician and regular book reader Dennis Uyat played the cello. The hanging shopfront banner's message shines in the afternoon light.

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i like your hair

i like your hair
From Another Smith's sketchbook.
More Another Smith point of view - CLICK HERE

child she cried

she cried
As a child she cried when told by an 'old wrinkled woman, some day you will be just like me.'

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yes we can



Politically I don't always agree with my friend, observer of life, artist, - Another Smith. - However Smith's point of view is thoughtful, ironic, and fun to look at. Maybe more to come ...

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Favorite passage from anthropologist, nature writer Loren Eiseley's book The Immense Journey.
"Standing quietly in the water, feeling the sand shifting away under my toes, I lay back in the floating position that left my face to the sky, and shoved off."


Albert Camus Note Books 1935-1942
"Seek contacts. All contacts. If I want to write about men, how can I cut myself off from the countryside.
If the sky or light attract me, shall I forget the eyes or voices of those I love?
Each time I am given the elements of a friendship, the fragments of an emotion, never the emotion or the friendship itself."


Zeng Xiao Feng, Artist - Kunming, China


"The tendencies of the spirit - lessness, and commercialization in the contemporary culture make the art works increasingly monotonous, and far away from the soul.

Therefore most of them look pedestrian and insipid. The real art is just like a mysterious flash of light, which passes in the twinkling of an eye."


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