I'm a freelance editorial, documentary photographer based in the Los Angeles area.
I have photographed on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, camp for blind kids in Malibu, CA, artists in China.
Many other people, situations, and locations for companies, non profit foundations, publications, and myself.
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The 99%.
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Los Angeles May Day 2013
Stop War in
Afghanistan Protest

Los Angeles Chinatown
Wallmart Protest

Los Angeles May Day 2012
No GMO Monsanto Protest
No War On Iran Rally
Stop The Violence Rally
Health Care Insurance Protest
Global Day of Action

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Robert Pacheco
photo notes


my hand
soap opera
- Soap Opera - was s Nominee in Fine Art category of the 10th annual International Black & White Spider Awards competition.
post : 22 november 2015 - soap opera comments


mural, wilton pl. los angeles
post : 21 november 2015 - mural comments


aloe vera

aloe vera
post : 14 november 2015 - aloe vera comments

halloween boo
post : 26 october 2015 - boo comments



post : 24 october 2015 - moss comments



desert baby doll
post : 14 october 2015 - baby doll comments

naked ladies 2

naked ladies
Sun and Cellophane series.
post : 1 october 2015 - naked ladies comments


window night day

window view night day
Window view 4:24 a.m. / 1:41 p.m.
post : 30 september 2015 - window view comments


moon red eclipse

harvest blood supermoon lunar eclipse
Lunar eclipse 27 September 8:04 p.m. seen from foothills east of Apple Valley, CA.

moon power

harvest moon power
26 September 6:25 p.m. - evening before "harvest blood supermoon lunar eclipse."
Post : 29 September 2015 - harvest moon (2) comments


auto glass

auto glass

arrow red yellow

red arrow

paradise vacant

Apple Valley, CA (3)
post : 8 september 2015 - glass-arrow-paradise comments


house-blue second floor view
post : 23 august 2015 - house-blue comments

uke tenor

new shapely tenor ukulele
post : 21 august 2015 - tenor uke comments


park walk

morning park walk
post : 20 august 2015 - park walk comments


mourning man woman

mock funeral mourners
Mock funeral mourners protesting healthcare insurance industry.
To see slide show with audio of 2012 health care funeral march : CLICK HERE
In the U.S. there is now National Health Care. Otherwise known as Obama Care.

post : 16 august 2015 - mock funeral comments


hollywood sign locked

hollywood sign locked
The spectacular, infamous hill side distant, hollywood sign bill board behind chain and lock.
More Hollywood Sign photo's : CLICK HERE
post : 8 august 2015 - hollywood sign locked comments


sun and cellophane

quicktime 6.5 minutes - turn on sound

annonomous red

anonymous red
post : 3 august 2015 - sun and cellophane comments


city hall man

los angeles city hall
post : 26 july 2015 - city hall man comments



Horse and rancher. Trujillo, New Mexico.
post : 22 July 2015 - horse comments

photos 50ç

photo's 50¢
Retro Los Angeles Chinatown. Fun "Photo's 50¢" is long gone.

post : 21 july 2015 - photo's 50¢ comments


yellow house

yellow house
South Central Los Angeles sunny yellow house. Just off Central Ave.
post : 16 july 2015 - yellow house comments



post : 4 july 2015 - trailer comments

cad dune




Last Sunday Highway Earth held its 2nd Classic Car Show.
From a 1961 Cadillac Deville to 1969 Volkswagon Dune Buggy, 2015 three wheel Polaris Slingshot, 1928 Bugatti Type 37, to a 1981 DeLorean DMC 12, and car years in between.
A low key, laid back show of classic's at Franklin Canyon Lake high in the hills above Beverly Hills, CA.
Take a look at more photo's : CLICK HERE
post : 29 june 2015 - car show '15 comments

white dove

white dove
A first time white dove relaxing on my window ledge.
post : 20 june 2015 - white dove comments

homage to tree 2
homage to a tree 2
post : 5 june 2015 - homage to tree 2 comments

watts towers
simon rodia's watts towers
Watts Towers Art Center artist in residence Dominique Moody tends to the beginning of her front yard garden. Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles.
post : 14 may 2015 - watts towers comments

spanish lovers


color awards 2015

road to goat rock

road to goat rock
"lovers," Huelva, Spain and "road to goat rock," Sonoma Coast, California placed in the 8th Annual International Color Awards. 7358 entries from 79 countries. "lovers" received an Honorable Mention in people category, and "road to goat rock" a Nominee in Abstract..
post : 23 april 2015 - color awards 2015 comments



oblivious sunbather
"oblivious sunbather" won a 3rd place Honor of Distinction in the International 9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards competition. Fine Art category.
post : 22 april 2015 - spider awards 9th annual comments


post : 10 april 2015 - bus comments


skyline jump

los angeles skyline jump
post : 9 april 2015 - skyline jump comments



post : 8 april 2015 - triptych comments


la parilla 2015

valentine troubadour
Under hanging cut out paper Valentine hearts and cupids, troubadour Rafael Rubion sings
with strong emotion "Cucurrucucú Paloma" at La Parrilla restaurant in Los Angeles Westlake neighborhood.
post : 8 February 2015 - valentine troubadour comments


shadow tree green
shadow tree green
post : 4 february 2015 - shadow tree green comments

moon and telephone pole
post : 21 january 2015 - moon tele pole comments
bicycle broken
post : 25 november 2014 - bicycle broken comments


"concentration without thought"
post : 7 november 2014 - smoke break comments


el rey 3

el rey theatre
Andy Warhol Makeup Night. El Rey Theatre. Los Angeles 2002.
post : 4 november 2014 - el rey comments

street portrait

street portrait
Wilshire and Fairfax, Los Angeles.
post : 4 november 2014 - street portrait comments


wilshire blvd.

wilshire blvd. los angeles 2002
post : 3 november 2014 - wilshire blvd. 02 comments


autumn leaves
autumn leaves
Autumn leaves early morning after over night rain. Toluca Lake, CA.
post : 2 november 2014 - autumn leaves comments



Images, text & audio © robert pacheco 2011-15
Photos are watermarked. Not to be stored, used, reproduced,
or altered without permission.

Favorite passage from anthropologist, nature writer Loren Eiseley's book The Immense Journey.
"Standing quietly in the water, feeling the sand shifting away under my toes, I lay back in the floating position that left my face to the sky, and shoved off."


Albert Camus Note Books 1935-1942
"Seek contacts. All contacts. If I want to write about men, how can I cut myself off from the countryside.
If the sky or light attract me, shall I forget the eyes or voices of those I love?
Each time I am given the elements of a friendship, the fragments of an emotion, never the emotion or the friendship itself."


Zeng Xiao Feng, Artist - Kunming, China


"The tendencies of the spirit - lessness, and commercialization in the contemporary culture make the art works increasingly monotonous, and far away from the soul.

Therefore most of them look pedestrian and insipid. The real art is just like a mysterious flash of light, which passes in the twinkling of an eye."


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