I'm a freelance editorial, documentary photographer based in the Los Angeles area.
I have photographed on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, camp for blind kids in Malibu, CA, artists in China.
Many other people, situations, and locations for companies, non profit foundations, publications, and myself.
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Robert Pacheco
photo notes


my hand

watts towers
simon rodia's watts towers
Watts Towers Art Center artist in residence Dominique Moody tends to the beginning of her front yard garden. Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles.
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spanish lovers


color awards 2015

road to goat rock

road to goat rock
"lovers," Huelva, Spain and "road to goat rock," Sonoma Coast, California placed in the 8th Annual International Color Awards. 7358 entries from 79 countries. "lovers" received an Honorable Mention in people category, and "road to goat rock" a Nominee in Abstract..
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oblivious sunbather
"oblivious sunbather" won a 3rd place Honor of Distinction in the International 9th Annual Black & White Spider Awards competition. Fine Art category.
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post : 10 april 2015 - bus comments


skyline jump

los angeles skyline jump
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la parilla 2015

valentine troubadour
Under hanging cut out paper Valentine hearts and cupids, troubadour Rafael Rubion sings
with strong emotion "CucurrucucĂș Paloma" at La Parrilla restaurant in Los Angeles Westlake neighborhood.
post : 8 February 2015 - valentine troubadour comments


shadow tree green
shadow tree green
post : 4 february 2015 - shadow tree green comments

moon and telephone pole
post : 21 january 2015 - moon tele pole comments
bicycle broken
post : 25 november 2014 - bicycle broken comments


"concentration without thought"
post : 7 november 2014 - smoke break comments


el rey 3

el rey theatre
Andy Warhol Makeup Night. El Rey Theatre. Los Angeles 2002.
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street portrait

street portrait
Wilshire and Fairfax, Los Angeles.
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wilshire blvd.

wilshire blvd. los angeles 2002
post : 3 november 2014 - wilshire blvd. 02 comments


autumn leaves
autumn leaves
Autumn leaves early morning after over night rain. Toluca Lake, CA.
post : 2 november 2014 - autumn leaves comments
harvest moon 2014
harvest moon 2014
A desert harvest mooncake for you ...

post : 9 september 2014 - harvest mooncake comments

pia dance
shadow bird dance
post : 24 july 2014 - shadow bird dance comments


car show 1

1941 Tatra T87 and resting dog
Franklin Canyon Park high in the hills of Beverly Hills was the venue for a low key, unpretentious, cool classic car show last Sunday.

A classic car and history I was not aware of was the aerodynamic 1941 Tatra T87. It was designed in Czechoslovakia and built during World War Two under German occupation. Known for high speed and luxury. A favorite of Hitler, many were appropiated by high ranking Nazi officers. The car became known to invading allies as their "secret weapon." it is said that because of their speed of up to 100 mph and unique handling numerous officers lost control and were killed in cornering.

Paul Greenstein restored and owns the car. Highway Earth was the car show name.

car show 2

1941 Tatra T87
post : 30 june 2014 - car show comments

for more photos : CLICK HERE


daisy survivor

daisy survivor
post : 26 june 2014 - daisy survivor comments


fairfax wll day

street art day

fairfax wll night

street art night
Fairfax district, Los Angeles.
post : 25 june 2014 - street art day and night comments


straw hat lost
straw hat lost
post : 18 june 2014 - straw hat lost comments


brewery art complex

The Brewery
The Brewery Art Complex in Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights neighborhood was originally in 1903 an Edison Electric Steam Power Plant. Years later the Papst Blue Ribbon and Eastside Beer brewery. Since the mid 80's a complex of live-in-lofts, studios, gallery's, and businesses in 21 old warehouse buildings. Hmm I don't know about the fading Paradox Iron painted on the side of the main smoke stack building. A paradox?
brewery poppies
Poppies growing on the edge of The Brewery visitor parking. Above, out of sight, cars on the 5 freeway whiz by.
post : 15 june 2014 : brewery and poppies comments


avon bar soap
Along with ocean smoothed rocks, stones, and pebbles, half a bar of Avon soap washed ashore by powerful breaking waves at Southern California's famous surfing spot - Trestles. -

post : 8 June 2014 - avon soap comments


hollywood sign unglamorous

hollywood sign unglamorous
To see more Hollywood Sign photos : CLICK HERE
post : 6 june 2014 - hollywood sign unglamorous comments


hollywood sign jumping

hollywood sign jumping
A couple of days ago when hiking under the popular Hollywood sign, Alice and Tobey visiting from Hong Kong asked if I would take their picture jumping in front of the renown sign.
Ok I replied.
1... 2... 3... jump...
I told them I would email their photo and , "xie, xie." (translation: shay shay is thank you) The only Chinese words that I could think of. Alice respectively pressed her hands together as praying (wai), slightly lowered her head, and responded, "xie xie." With a slight smile I returned her gesture.
They then went back to taking pictures of each other under the Hollywood sign.
To see more Hollywood Sign photos : CLICK HERE
post : 10 may 2014 - hollywood sign jumping comments

salt point 3

salt point 3


This morniing I received an email saying that I am a "Nominee at the 7th Annual Photography Masters Cup." Salt Point 3 is nominated in the abstract catagory. Hmmm "close but no cigar." It's an "International Award Honoring Color Photography," so I guess being a nominee is Ok. Included in the email was my award medal (a click on medal will direct you to the Masters Cup site), a press release form, notice of a Certificate of Achievement to be mailed, publication in The Journal a digital magazine, and a big "CONGRATULATIONS."

Salt Point 3 is from my Sun & Cellophane series.
post : 5 may 2014 - salt point 3 comments
baby power

baby power
Here is the other image I entered into the International Color Masters Cup, but no mention, no medal. Maybe I should say that these two photos were not made with a digital camera, or digitally manipulated. They were made the old fashion way with Kodachrome 64.

post : 5 may 2014 - baby power comments

bicycles and bars
Bicycles, spokes, security bars. Los Angeles Westlake neighborhood.

bicycle tony
bicycles 2
Tony said he already had the bicycle frame. All other components he purchased. Putting them together himself, with a fixed gear that continually spins the pedals, and no brakes. He agreed that stopping was tricky. He has to look down the road and be prepared to stop using his strength to stop the spinning pedals. Slowing or skidding the rear tire to reduce speed or stop the bike.

At the bike shop he bought some toe pedal straps to secure his feet to the pedals, assisting in this pulling up back pedal braking. Then off he went at a slow Sunday morning side walk pedal.

post : 1 may 2014 - bicycles comments


lunar 1

total lunar eclipse - aka "blood moon"

The total lunar eclipse, "blood moon," seen from the high desert foothills between Apple Valley, and Lucerne, CA. The full moon was super brilliant. When the earth's shadow began darkening the edge of the moon, several dogs began barking. An eerie howling chorus of coyotes joined in. As moon light slowly turned to darkness, in unison, the barking and howling gave way to sudden, absolute quiet.

To see larger and another photo : CLICK HERE

post : 16 april 2014 - lunar eclipse comments


black stump

six months after the yosemite national park "rim fire"
lupine car
lupine on california highway 49
Last week I drove the switchback curves of winding historic CA. Highway 49 to the north entrance of Yosemite Park. Rain showers traded with sunlight off and on. At roadside lupine and poppy's
were at their fresh colorful best.

In 2013, mid- August through mid- October on the edge of Yosemite Park raged the devestating 257,000 acre Rim Fire.

I had read that from the ashes of wild fire, wild flowers flourish. When I received an email from a local there that the time for ashes to flowers was right. Off I went.

For story and more photos of that road trip : CLICK HERE

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Images, text & audio © robert pacheco 2011-15
Photos are watermarked. Not to be stored, used, reproduced,
or altered without permission.

Favorite passage from anthropologist, nature writer Loren Eiseley's book The Immense Journey.
"Standing quietly in the water, feeling the sand shifting away under my toes, I lay back in the floating position that left my face to the sky, and shoved off."


Albert Camus Note Books 1935-1942
"Seek contacts. All contacts. If I want to write about men, how can I cut myself off from the countryside.
If the sky or light attract me, shall I forget the eyes or voices of those I love?
Each time I am given the elements of a friendship, the fragments of an emotion, never the emotion or the friendship itself."


Zeng Xiao Feng, Artist - Kunming, China


"The tendencies of the spirit - lessness, and commercialization in the contemporary culture make the art works increasingly monotonous, and far away from the soul.

Therefore most of them look pedestrian and insipid. The real art is just like a mysterious flash of light, which passes in the twinkling of an eye."


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