I'm a freelance editorial, documentary photographer based in the Los Angeles area.
I have photographed on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, camp for blind kids in Malibu, CA, artists in China.
Many other people, situations, and locations for companies, non profit foundations, publications, and myself.
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The 99%.
Marches, Protests & Rallies.
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Los Angeles May Day 2013
Stop War in
Afghanistan Protest

Los Angeles Chinatown
Wallmart Protest

Los Angeles May Day 2012
No GMO Monsanto Protest
No War On Iran Rally
Stop The Violence Rally
Health Care Insurance Protest
Global Day of Action

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Black Buildings
Artist - Another Smith
Space Shuttle Endeavour
Romney vs Obama
Obama vs Romney
Hollywood Sign
Dark Desert Light
Chicago Chain Gang

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Robert Pacheco
photo notes


my hand


black building 10a
black building 10a

black buildibng 10b

black building 10b
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masked mock vs sham man
post : 11 october 2018 - masked-mock comments


parkwalk man wearing bathrobe 7:51am


parkwalk tunnel


parkwalk tent


parkwalk flower
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park walk flower

park walk flower

park walk no park

park walk no park sign
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desert baptist

desert church

desert carwash

desert car wash flag
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Nominee 12th Annual Black And White Spider Awards in Fine Art Category-Professional.

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a face over a face
These five images are nominees in the People Category "4th edition of Fine Art Photography Awards"- London. Scenes of people in straightforward, unrefined masked moments, without the facade often presented to the world. Whether shy or outgoing there's no risk or vulnerability. These somewhat everyday situations seem odd when hiding behind an artificial face. They are not masked fantasies, ritual, celebration or ceremony. Just a peek at our other selves


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chicken wire

chicken wire

color awards

Chicken Wire was selected as a Nominee in the 11th Annual International Color Awards, in Abstract Category.
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book cover 01

People Under my Eye Lids was selected by the Davis Orton Gallery - Griffin Museum of Photograpy 8th Annual Self-Published Photobook competition to be exhibited at the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, Massachusetts March 8 - April 1, 2018. Click to see sample pages.

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Images, text & audio © robert pacheco 2011-18
Photos are watermarked. Not to be stored, used, reproduced,
or altered without permission.

Favorite passage from anthropologist, nature writer Loren Eiseley's book The Immense Journey.
"Standing quietly in the water, feeling the sand shifting away under my toes, I lay back in the floating position that left my face to the sky, and shoved off."


Albert Camus Note Books 1935-1942
"Seek contacts. All contacts. If I want to write about men, how can I cut myself off from the countryside.
If the sky or light attract me, shall I forget the eyes or voices of those I love?
Each time I am given the elements of a friendship, the fragments of an emotion, never the emotion or the friendship itself."


Zeng Xiao Feng, Artist - Kunming, China


"The tendencies of the spirit - lessness, and commercialization in the contemporary culture make the art works increasingly monotonous, and far away from the soul.

Therefore most of them look pedestrian and insipid. The real art is just like a mysterious flash of light, which passes in the twinkling of an eye."