Sun & Cellopane

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sun & cellophane

Preface (edited)

Unknown at the time, but my Sun & Cellophane series seed was
planted during several visits to Grandma Pribrey's Bottle Village
in Simi Valley, California

The Bottle Village consisted of about fifteen small structures
constructed by Grandma out of colored bottles and mortar.
Home for a varied collection of dolls, toys, hubcaps, furniture,
broken tile, pen, pencil, greeting card and tooth brush collection.
In other words a grabbag of whatever caught Grandma's eye
at her local dump.

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Sunlight streaming into these rooms of whimsy created a
colorful mosaic backdrop for her quirky collection.

Grandma's striking bottle houses of colored light stayed
with me till a few years later I taped various colors of
cellophane on my living room windows, and watched the
afternoon reflection of changing color and shadows.

This was the beginning of Sun & Cellophane
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I'm a freelance photographer living in the Los Angeles area.

At about ten years old I would take photos of the moon,
stars, meteor showers with my families Kodak Duaflex
Speckles and streaks of light. A photography

By middle school I forgot about my thoughts of being an
It wasn't until my early 20's in Swiss
photography magazine Camera that I
saw the work of
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eugene Smith, Brassaï, Eugene Atgèt,
Robert Doisneau, and others. I was blown away by
their artful photographs.

I eventually purchased a Pentax Spotmatic camera.
Through trial and error my photography career began.

This series is unusual for me, because my work
usually involves people.

I've photographed for publications, corporate,
industrial, education, and non-profit foundations.

From oil rig workers in the Gulf of Mexico to
Corporate Executives to river rafting with blind
teenagers to artists in China.

Many other people and locations. Including for myself.

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page 34-35

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