People Under My Eye Lids

Design, Words, Photography - Robert Pacheco

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Preface (Edited)

About ten times since 1990 when feeling out of sorts, bedridden with flu,
food poisoning, fever, chills, recovery from dental, medical procedure,
extreme fatigue, in the darkness of closed eyes I've seen
revolving dramas of people I do not know.

Within dark frames much like an old black and white movie snippet.
Once in a while frames freeze. I snoop on private moments.
Unreal images appear more real life than surreal.

At times moving or still vignettes may fade into similar imaginary
settings, with different characters. Some strangers look directly
at me. Others not aware I'm watching them. I open my eyes and
the dramas gone. I close my eyes revealing continuing scenes.

Like dreams, situations are easily forgotten if not written down
immediately. These dark illusions happen so infrequently
I have never made notes.

Here's one vivid closed eye scene from memory:
*Intermission in the foyer of a grand opera house. Marble columns.
Darkness in the background. Under crystal chandeliers men
debonair in tuxedos, women elegant in evening gowns,
sipping from champagne flutes that glisten in the
crystal light. They chat and gesture. Smiling
smugly unaware they are being watched. 

I did an online search. Discovered I'm experiencing Closed-Eye 
 or Closed-Eye-Visualization. (CEV)


book- pg- 40-41

In dreams I am usually a participant, but in these closed-eye dramas I am
an unnoticed observer.

Perhaps photographs in this book are open-eye interpretations
of my closed-eye illusions.

Have you ever seen people under your eye lids?




I'm a freelance photographer living in the Los Angeles area.

At about ten years old I would take photos of the moon, stars, and
meteor showers with my families Kodak Duaflex camera.
Speckles and streaks of light - a photography beginning.

By middle school I forgot about my thoughts of being an astronomer.

It wasn't until my early 20's in Swiss magazine Camera that I saw the
work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eugene Smith, Brassaï, Eugene
Atgét, Robert Doisneau, and others. I was blown away by
their artful photographs.

I eventually purchased a Pentax Spotmatic camera. The streets of
Downtown Los Angeles became my photography classroom.

Through trial and error my photography career began.

I've photographed for publications, corporate, industrial, health care,
education, and non-profit foundations.

From oil rig workers in the Gulf of Mexico, to Corporate Executives,
river rafting with blind teenagers, to artists in China.

Many other people and locations, including for myself.


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