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hollywood sign locked

hollywood sign locked
The spectacular, infamous hill side distant, hollywood sign bill board behind chain and lock.
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hollywood sign unglamorous

hollywood sign unglamorous
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hollywood sign jumping
hollywood sign jumping
A couple of days ago when hiking under the popular Hollywood sign, Alice and Tobey visiting from Hong Kong asked if I would take their picture jumping in front of the renown sign.
Ok, I replied.
1... 2... 3... jump...
I told them I would email their photo and , "xie, xie." (translation: shay shay is thank you) The only Chinese words that I could think of. One of them respectively pressed her hands together as praying (wai), slightly lowered her head, and responded, "xie xie." With a slight smile I returned her gesture.
They then went back to taking pictures of each other under the Hollywood sign.
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rock'n hollywood sign 3
View of Hollywood sign from Los Angeles Griffith Park, Mt. Hollywood trail.
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rock'n hollywood sign 2
View from Los Angeles Griffith Park, Mt. Hollywood trail.
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rock n hollywood
rock'n hollywood sign
View from Los Angeles Griffith Park, Mt. Hollywood trail.
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How much more attention can the somewhat famous, somewhat kitsch Hollywood Sign receive?

Often, with my son, I will hike from Lake Hollywood into the hills, to a trail under the Hollywood Sign and back. Just about as often someone will ask, 'where's the Hollywood Sign? How do I get to the Hollywood Sign?' Handing over their camera a couple will ask to have their photo taken with the Hollywood Sign in the background.
Having lived in Los Angeles all my life it is really quite amusing to observe this tourist fascination with "the Sign."

I remember years ago, before the Sign was heavily protected, it was just a fun challenge to hike the rugged terrain to the Sign. Climbing up and even sitting in the middle of the H. Never thought of it as a world wide Hollywood attraction. No more though. If you get too close to the Sign a loud speaker voice will blare at you to get away from the Sign. If you don't obey a police helicopter soon arrives.

Now there is one designated look out spot for Hollywood Sign gazers. It is not difficult to find, but I won't say where that spot is exactly. At times looky loo auto, and tour bus traffic on the narrow hillside street is horrendous.

Having said that, my son, and I observed the oddest interaction late yesterday afternoon between man, machine, art, and the possible changing of the Hollywood Sign viewing environment. A property owner recently acquired a 6+ foot, 4-500 pound ceramic sculpture by renown Los Angeles artist Mineo Mizuno, and decided to place it on the bluff directly above this official best viewing spot of the Hollywood Sign.

So Hollywood huh? I can only roll my eyes and wonder what the future will now be like with this Hollywood Sign competitor, or will they juxtapose compatibly with each other?

The artist's gallery owner said that no one will notice the scupture, because people are all there to see the Sign. Time will tell.That tall, brilliantly glazed, cone shaped sculpture will be sitting secured to a cement platform right on the peak of the bluff.
History in the making, and on these hikes with only my cell phone camera.

Hollywood hills sculpture continued :

6 days after the bluff top installation of the red glazed ceramic sculpture not many Hollywood sign visitors seemed to notice the work of art.
An Indian family of 4 said they hadn't seen it. When it was pointed out to them, "What is it?" one of them said. "What does it mean?"
A mother and teenage daughter from North Carolina, now 2 1/2 month Los Angeles residents had not noticed it either. When it was mentioned the surprised mother's first word was, "Beautiful."
A middle aged fellow with 3 attractive Filipino women said to one, "ask them if they like red onions." He then pointed to the sculpture and loudly exclaimed, "The Worlds Largest Red Onion!"
After the translation they all looked up to his imaginary red onion and laughed.






sculpture n cream
Ice cream vendor van, open tour bus beneath the Sign and sculpture. Visitors are off gazing at the Hollywood view, and taking photos of each other.
ice cream hollywood

ice cream & hollywood sign
ice cream lady

ice cream !
tour bus 1
tour bus 2
Another open truck load of Hollywood Sign site seers. As they were debussing the tour bus driver said, "I'll give you all 12 minutes."
For some a closer view of the infamous Sign is irresistible. Mesmerized drivers wanting to sneak a closer peek of the Sign suddenly stop and park in front of curb side signs that state, "No Stopping At Any Time."

Frustrated, "no stopping" screams emit from drivers wanting to drive through on the narrow, winding, 2 lane street. Tempers flair, horns honk, car engines rev up passing around a blind curve possibly into an oncoming vehicle.

So absurd. It's just a billboard. Not one of the 7 wonders of the world, not an architectural design wonder. Not even remotely comparable to the Eiffel Tower, ancient Mayan pyramids, or Half Dome in Yosemite. It's only a much touted advertisement!

A couple of days ago two young ladies from Maryland had contrary opinions of what the Hollywood Sign represented. One of them thought that the Sign meant "accomplishment." That you have "made it." Her friend laughing said, "You're insane. It means nothing!"

My thought is that there may be an accident in waiting on the narrow, winding, hill side Hollywood Sign steet.

After reading the above blog entry my son said that I was giving my opinion as if i did not like the Hollywood Sign. I thought I was just stating the facts. How could I not like it? I have lived within view of the Sign all my life. The hill side would not be the same without it.

Though between me and the Sign there is only nostalgia. I'd miss it, even though not totally understanding the country wide, world wide attraction of the Sign. Does it really make a difference to be up close and personal with the Sign, rather then viewing from a distance?

I think it is interesting viewed from various city locations. An imaginary wide screen Technicolor fantasy clinging to the Hollywood Hills.

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