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Last week I drove the switchback curves of winding historic CA. Highway 49 to the north entrance area
of Yosemite Park. Rain showers traded with moments of sunlight off and on. At roadside
lupine and poppy's were at their fresh colorful best.
lupine car
winding road

lupine hills

In 2013, mid- August through mid- October on the edge of Yosemite
Park raged the devestating 257,000 acre Rim Fire.

I had read that from the ashes of wildfire, wildflowers flourish.
When I received an email from a local there that the time
for ashes to flowers was right. Off I went.

Alas but for the roadside flowers on my scenic drive, not a flower from
ash in site. The only color from the fire were shocked and scorched
trees. Brown, orange hues of autumn rather than
lush green of early spring.

rim of the world

tree colors
log truck
cut logs
tall tree
trees up

black forest



Jim an employee of the 93 year old Evergreen Lodge burns fire debris. The lodge
and cabins were surrounded by fire. Saved from the air and on the ground
by extraordinary fire fighters.

Perhaps I arrived too soon to capture images of
"Wildfire to Wildflowers."
burned tree 2

burned tree 1

burned bark
black stump

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