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Stop The Violence Rally
21 January 2012

stop the violence rally
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A grieving mother holds the bullet pierced head rest frame from her 22 year old son's car. The bullet passed through the head rest into her sons head, killing him instantly. "Why, why did he...? I don't know why," she painfully said.
Last Saturday about 200 people attended the 1st annual "Stop The Violence" rally in Perris Park, San Bernardino, CA. The rally was hastily organized to protest 3 recent shootings. One death, one paralyzed, one still hospitalized.
Twenty-one year old Symone Rosemond became a rally organizer after two of her high school classmates became victims. Upon return from military duty in Afghanistan a classmate was shot and paralyzed at his own welcome home party. Within a few days another classmate was shot and killed.
Rosemond does not want her two year old son to grow up among such violence.
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